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10 Sessions you feel the difference

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10 Sessions you feel the difference

20 Sessions you see the difference

30 Sessions you have whole new body

Joseph Pilates


StudiQ is the Cotswolds first fully equipped Classical Pilates Studio, offering Pilates to small groups, duets and 1-1’s in the heart of Cirencester. 


We teach the method as created by Mr Joseph Pilates on the apparatus designed by him and still made to his patent, made by hand to highly engineered specifications.



I have been undertaking Pilates with StudiQ in Cirencester for 7 months.
I Initially started Pilates when my Riding Instructor suggested that l needed to strengthen my core muscles and gain improved strength and  flexibility in my body and legs.
I was concerned about starting Pilates as l have a serious shoulder injury, but Lizzie 
understood the restrictions of my shoulder and my requirement to improve my riding. 
Over the months, Lizzie has very carefully improved the activities that my shoulder could undertake and increased the  strength and flexibility of my body and legs.
The results have been amazing. 
I cannot recommend Pilates and Lizzie highly enough.


I have been attending classes taught by Lizzie for over a year, there are four people in the class and that means we all get taught how to the do the exercises properly. Lizzie is a good teacher and she manages to combine a good sense of humour to make the classes great funThe studio is well equipped and since starting the classes I feel that my body strength and flexibility has improved and also my posture which is my main problem is getting better


I have been going to StudiQ's pilates Tower classes for a few months to help my lower back problem and to raise my fitness level. Lizzie is professional and enthusiastic in her approach to teaching her classes. She is always aware of my personal abilities and limitations and tailors the exercises accordingly so that I get the most benefit from each class. My body posture, tone and back problem are improving with each session.

Lizzie makes the classes enjoyable and fun, I look forward to them every week.