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female on pilates equipment

StudiQ is the Cotswolds’ first fully equipped classical Pilates studio. We offer Pilates to small groups, duets and 1-1s in the heart of Cirencester. 

We teach the classical method as created by Mr Joseph Pilates. Classes are conducted using the apparatus designed by him and still made to his patent, crafted by hand to highly engineered specifications. 

The apparatus includes the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Ladder Barrel.

StudiQ offers bespoke packages for all, working with the springs on apparatus to enhance each and every workout and achieve personal goals.  

Whether you are taking 1-1s, duets or small group classes, we aim to keep your workout challenging and fun whatever your level or personal needs. 


Results you can expect from practising Pilates at StudiQ:

  • An energised, pain-free, stronger body

  • New or refreshed core connection

  • Improved strength and flexibility

  • Changed body shape and improved muscle tone

  • Freedom from chronic pain and weakness.

My introduction to Pilates, came about as a result of a persistent lower back problem in my 20s. Having been an active teenager, I was overwhelmed at the speed in which it took to rectify. I was often in such total-body pain that I was forced to take time off work as it felt as though my whole body was in spasm. 

I tried various types of training which had been suggested and nothing seemed to stick or alleviate my pain. Then I had a light bulb moment!  I discovered a small Pilates studio just around the corner from my home in Battersea, South London. Meeting Holly Murray at Pi Studios and being introduced to the method devised by Mr Joseph Pilates and his apparatus was a revelation. I discovered how positive movement can change the body, improve posture, prevent further injury an even enhance the soul. 


Why I Teach Pilates

In 2011, I qualified as a fully certified Classical Pilates Instructor, and since then I have never looked back. Having found relief from my personal back issues, I wanted to learn a lot more about the subject and to share the positive image Pilates can have on each of our bodies and lives.


At StudiQ, I have a boutique Pilates studio set up with traditional equipment made to the specifications of Joesph Pilates, and I teach in the classical Pilates style. This means that each of my clients benefits from learning the movements in the original manner and sequence that Joseph created.


I teach Pilates to both groups, duets and on a one-to-one basis. My clients range from beginners to advanced, rehabilitative to athletic; and no matter what, I am always amazed by the results individuals can achieve when dedicating their mind and body to well-being through the Pilates method.


Pilates is an ideal form of exercise suitable for all ages and levels of fitness as well as a complementary discipline to enjoy as part of a more extensive active health programme. 


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lady doing pilates stretch
Pilates women leg up cartoon

Professional Pilates Qualifications
Lizzie was trained by top classical trainer Holly Murray at PI Studios, London. She gained her comprehensive qualification with Power Pilates New York and then Holly's own programme, the Pilates Method. Lizzie started teaching in 2011 and her passion for practising and teaching Pilates continues to grow with every class and client success story.


Continuing Professional Development
Since Lizzie qualified, she has continued her education in the Classical Pilates Method to produce the highest standards to share with her clients. She regularly travels to attend training sessions and workshops with fantastic teacher trainers such as Bob Liekens (The Pilates Standard), Shari Berkowitz (The Vertical workshop - NY), Andrea Maida and Benjamin Degenhardt to name just a few.

This is Dylan.


Dylan is a lovely boy and warmly welcomes all clients to the studio upon their arrival. He loves to show off the studio and classical equipment.

His mum was an Akita – English Bull Terrier cross; his dad was a roguish Welsh Collie so
he has a strong character but is very obedient, especially when his staff (Lizzie) has a
treat ready.

He’s been brought up around Pilates so is somewhat of an expert and keeps a beady eye on Lizzie to ensure she is teaching correctly and sometimes, if the client is comfortable with Dylan, he will lend a paw with certain movements. Once he is sure Lizzie is doing a good job, he knows his work is done for that class or client and he will retire to his bed for the remainder of the session.

The studio is deep cleaned at least twice a week to remove any fur and allergens. If you are allergic to dogs or would prefer a class without Dylan, this is of course not a problem at all, please be sure to let Lizzie know of your preference.



Lizzie Qualie stretching in Cirencester pilates studio
Duet pilates class in Cirencester
Pilates equipment class in Cirencester
Magic Circle at Studiq
Lizzie Qualie helping client with a stretch
pilates clients on Wunda Chair exercise at Studiq
Lizzie Quaile with client on pilates equipment
Male Pilates class | Lizzie Qualie professional pilates instructor
Pregnant women on pilates equipment
3 women on pilates equipment in Cirencester
3 women in pilates class
women on pilates equipment
women stretching during pilates class
women stretching pilates class
women stretching on pilates equipment
3 women stretching legs during pilates class
hamstring stretch pilates class
women on wunda chair in lesson at Studiq
Lizzie Qualie pilates stretching
3 women stretching on pilates equipment
Lizzie Qualie helping clients during a cotswolds classical pilates class
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