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Benefits of Pilates

I came to Pilates in my twenties as a result of experiencing terrible back pain. I had tried other exercises but nothing seemed to work until I discovered Pilates. I was amazed by how quickly my problem was rectified. 

I've loved Pilates ever since. The benefits of Pilates are numerous, here are just a few there are many more:

An increase in muscle strength

As you age your muscle mass begins to decrease. Making it harder and harder to ‘tone’. Exercises you did at the gym in your 20s which gave you a toned body is unlikely to have the same results in your 40s (or over). This can make people feel like there isn’t much point in exercising if the rewards aren’t worth the effort.

So how does Pilates help?

Seemingly simple exercises require control, precision, and concentration as you work your muscles, improving strength, flexibility, and form. In a studio like ours, most of the apparatus has springs that create resistance which can support and challenge the body. Workouts are based on the classical method but are tailored to you and you’ll get better results lengthening and strengthening your muscles.

Increases flexibility

Pilates is a great way to improve the flexibility of your muscles and the mobility of your joints. Regular practice not only relieves aches and pains but will make every movement feel easier.

Once you put in the work, “You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions”.

Improves posture

While improving posture may not be on the top list of your goals, perhaps if I outlined some of the benefits of correcting bad posture it might make you a little more interested:

  • pain relief throughout your body

  • allows your body to move more efficiently

  • improves muscle function

  • increases a range of motion

  • improve circulation

When practicing Pilates you learn the best principles of body alignment and this drastically improves postures.

Increases energy

 Pilates is a great way to energise. The physical conditioning, as well as the emphasis on breath control, leaves you feeling worked out, relaxed, and invigorated.

Improves balance

Everything we do each day relies on balance and yet it’s often neglected and underrated as a form of exercise. From the time we are very little, right up to old age, balance is essential.

Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen your whole body, working through imbalances to align and allow the body to enable balance whilst building strength.

We work on building your strength, developing your core muscles. We use each piece of apparatus such as reformers, Wunda Chairs to help with this. Working out on this equipment means you need to stabilise your body while exercising on a moving or small base of support. Spring resistance is there to assist with stabilisation as well as challenge the body to keep balance through your movements.

Want to join us at StudiQ. Check out when we've got a next free session for you in our Pilates Studio in Cirencester.

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