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Why I teach Classical Pilates?

There's numerous reasons why I teach classical Pilates, but in short here's my thoughts.

I went to one class and I was hooked

I've tried all sorts of Pilates before stumbling upon a "then" very small studio pretty much at the end of my road in Battersea, London. Pi Studio Pilates. I went to one class and I was hooked. We moved, we didn't hold poses too much and at the end, I was energised and buzzing. I had only concentrated on what I was being asked to do for the last hour and my whole body felt stretched and invigorated.

The order was set for 34 exercises

I discovered that Classical Pilates means learning the same exercises, as Joseph Pilates 34 exercises from "Return to Life". In the same order, his method as it was decades ago, it's still perfect today. He also invented many pieces of apparatus to support his work and some of these are what we use to gain better knowledge of his original work.

I don't need to re-invent the wheel

So with Classical Pilates, I don't need to re-invent the wheel with every session. Mr Pilates created a system. There's a set order, a systematic way to work through the whole body so we can focus on the body. The whole thing is interlinked. What we learn through working the system allows for the system to show us what and where we need work and then allows for the instructor to use their knowledge of the system to choose exercises that suit that body.

Because it works for me, you and everyone

I know it works because it has for me and so many other people. We will modify where necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for each exercise as it stands in that body in that day.

If your interested in finding out how Classical Pilates can work for you please get in touch by emailing us at StudiQ@icloud.comor call me on 07508 183883.

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